Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Italian gelato and American ice cream?

There are five major differences:

1– Fat content: Typical American ice cream contains between 13% and 15% fat, and super premium brands contain about 16% fat. Italian gelato contains between 5% and 8% fat.

2– Overrun: American ice cream typically has 100% overrun. Italian gelato has between 25% and 50% overrun.

3- Serving Temperature: Italian gelato should be served at 3 to 10° F/ -13 to –16°C. The warmer gelato temperature allows the tongue to experience more taste and less shock.

4– Texture: American ice cream has a hard texture when served. With a higher serving temperature and lower fat content, gelato is served semi-soft.

5– Freshness: Italian gelato is produced and stored in five liter stainless steel pans, and needs to be consumed within a few days. Although it is possible to store gelato longer, the essence of authentic gelato is freshness, and this practice should be respected.