Now we are in Bahrain. Through intensive research & experiments. We have brought the best Italian sweets to the Kingdom of Bahrain through our partnership company from Italy. Since early 80’s, the company has been synonymous with top quality in the preparation of ingredients and semi-finished products for the artisan Gelato and confectionery sector. The company aims to become the global benchmark for professionals in the sector, thanks to continual investment in Research & Developement aimed at creating innovative products and services.


The gelato shop is for us a place where the laboratory and shop sales have equal importance. The laboratory is the synthesis of high quality raw materials.?production machines selected with great care and, not least, the professionalism of the gelato maker founded by long study and work.
The laboratory is thus two aspects apparently distant from each other: creativity and rigor. Creativity in devising new recipes or reworking them and rigor in high quality craftsmanship.

We are in line in frozen yogurt where it’s the most delicious & tart of Italian taste production we offer.
The sales area must be able to combine and return to the public the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, innovation linked to changes in consumption, a social meeting place where the desires of our customers and our services meet. We chose simple outlet logo in two colors green & pink recalling atmosphere of the simply refreshment colors. Warm lights make the room cozy and will make the gelato counter alluring. Those who pass by will be intrigued and invited to enter and be welcomed into an environment that puts them at ease.

We cater for a clientele that seeks first and foremost a good, healthy and safe food. In this sentence are condensed various quality aspects of gelato and not all easily perceived by the customers no longer used to recognizing the true flavors, those not modified by the use of chemical flavorings. The sensory aspect is perhaps the most straightforward because it involves the sensory point of view. By expanding this concept we offer to those who enter the gelato parlor a sensory experience not just a product.

We ensure a high nutritional & freshly output quality by following strict disciplinary regulations starting from the choices of raw materials, food security, the production process, ending with the storage and distribution.Closely linked to the perceived quality for the customers to whom we offer our product is the quality of service that includes a clear and direct communication, but first of all a smile and a warm welcome.We would also like to point out that, through the investment of time spent looking for high quality raw materials, we are evaluating the later addition of a coffee, crepe and cakes corner.Laboratory is equipped with latest Italian technology for the production and exhibition of Italian Gelato and Pastries.


The best gelato found in Italy, which has more than 35,000 gelato shops, many are producing the gelato in traditional way. Fruit Base “Sorbet” have only fruit, ice, sugar, while the milk flavor “Gelato” have sugar, milk and a stabilizer with fruits as it have less air injected than typical American ice cream “You can’t get pure flavor like this”.

Gelato in Italian literally means “Frozen” but is basically used to indicate the Italian type of ice cream. One of the basic difference between gelato and ice cream we know in the united state is that it doesn’t contain as much air, and is therefore more intense in flavor. In part, gelato is healthier than American-style ice cream since it is made with all natural ingredients, fruit and milk. It contains fewer calories, only 5% to 8% fat, where it means low fat product. Where American-style ice cream contains 13% to 15% fat, where it means full fat product. The best gelato is one that is made fresh on the premises. Produzione propria “made on site” Italian gelato is made to be eaten fresh and can only be stored a few days before serving. For a product to be marketed as ice cream in the U.S., it must contain at least 10% milk fat, according to the IDFA. Italy’s traditional fruit-flavored gelatos have virtually no fat, even the milk-base flavors don’t have enough for U.S. requirements.